November 9, 2010

Ya Oughta Know This

 If you live with diabetes you are the primary care giver. If you are a parent your job is to pass that  on and that is harder than taking the responsibility on the the first place.

Here is my good friend Mark, who was the hero of one of my earliest YDMV posts, with 24/7 on the matter:

The plan for d-blog day is six things I want people to know. Six is a lot. I find most folks don't have that much of an attention span. So if y'all get this Primary Care idea - I'm good with that.


  1. Excellent point. Thanks for continuing to reinforce it Bennet!

  2. SO TRUE...ultimately all of our efforts will result in a grown up child with diabetes who needs to be educated and empowered to make the decision that fit her best!

  3. Love it Bennet! Yes, Primary Care Giver indeed. Also CEO.

  4. okay, I have to ask, where is that "Sequence 1" video from and why is it not on "the betes' now"!? It's so great...and may I just add that Connor has quite a good voice :)

  5. This is so important, Bennet. We're going through this transition now with Joseph. And you are absolutely right... it is dang hard.

  6. Opps sequence 1 was meant to fly under the radar. It was the ANC ( telegrams. I put it up so Connor's sister could see and hear it.

    The high school has 4 clubs. Twice a year the club send singing telegrams to each other. Really brilliant stuff. However that was a real bad piece of set it and forget it camera work that wouldn't pass the editorial muster here and particularly at theBetesNOW.

    So it is coming down but if I can find a better videoed clip of one of the other songs I'll post that.