September 24, 2012

Celebrate Diabetes Art Day! #DArtDay

Celebrate Diabetes Art Day!

Diabetes Art Day
Click the picture. Browse the Galleries. Enjoy.

Celebrate. Today is  #DArtDay.

Diabetes Art Day is Celebration. Not of diabetes but of the diverse individuals who live with it. Diabetes is a daily challenge. Living well with diabetes requires connections and creativity. So does art. Today is the day to stretch that creativity in different ways. 

Join the fun. See thing differently. Celebrate creativity. 

Here is My Piece

Diagnosis Detonation

A diabetes diagnosis seems like a massive blast. A mushroom cloud of confusing terms and responsibilities seems all consuming. All kinds of strips, sets and scrips seem to create a cloud that blocks out all else. Hopefully, in time that cloud shrinks. This one less than a foot tall and was made with laughs and smiles as well as strips, sets and scrips. 

Here's to shrinking explosions.