September 18, 2012

#TwoBits: ThreeBits and Ice Hockey, DSMA & DiabetesMine

Here are a Two Bits from the DOC that are worth a look today:

Cherise (aka Charisse according to my iPad's voice recognition) one ups two bits with three:

DOC Survey, HIPAA and Clinical Trial on a Diabetes App 

I am coping the first 'cause doing this survey can help DHF help us all. Win win.
Michelle Litchman is NP, doctoral student and a big supporter of the diabetes online community. For her dissertation, she is focusing on the Diabetes Online Community and Health Outcomes Research as it relates to peer-to-peer health. Michelle will donate $2  (up to $2,000) to the Diabetes Hands Foundation for every survey completed. For more information and to complete the survey,
Thanks Charisse (even my iPad can't spell.)

Will has a good piece at Diabetes Mine on Andy Suhy, ice hockey player and diabetes motivator. I particularly liked this part:
Andy describes diabetes as a “very complicated balancing act” that’s 95% about emotions and taking ownership, and only 5% about carb-counting and insulin dosing. 
Will closes with a little nuance around T1D vs T2D attitudes and maybe motivating the motivator:
Still, we have to be united in our front against diabetes — of all types. None of us can afford to have a “blame the patient” attitude, because that effects everyone. 
And you can’t be a good cheerleader if you don’t like the team.