September 25, 2012

Mobile Health "Significant" for Low Income PWDs

Mobiheathnews has an interesting report on the possible impact of mobile health for lower income PWDs. I was a little confused as to who was going to pay for what. Particularly in an environment where the value of BG testing is questioned and number of strips restricted in to low income patients.

For me the real issues with diabetes care, for any economic group, are; will there be good education and support for the changes that education promotes. Mobile gizmos are cool but better health will come from teaching people how to take care of themselves and supporting them in making those changes.

For the T2D community that may well mean better access to health foods and safe walkable environments that promote more active living. An anonymous 'mobile health' text message to walk is not going to be anywhere near as effective as a group at church or on the block that is mutually supportive of getting together to walk and eat a more healthy diet. Admittedly that isn't as sexy but

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