October 4, 2012

Txt-abetes at MobiHeathNews.com Would it work for you?

MobiHealthNews.com has a story up about a text message based support system for diabetes education and support. I have read a number of papers about similar pilot programs and they seem to work. What are you thoughts? Do you think txt-abetes would work for you?

From the piece:
This week Voxiva, which powers the technology behind the federal government’s Text4Baby program, announced the official launch of Care4Life, a mobile-based diabetes education and support program that leverages text messaging, a mobile app and a web portal. HealthInsight, a multi-specialty care delivery network in the Utah Beacon community is currently evaluating Care4Life. 
“Since 99 percent of text messages are read and over 90% are read within three minutes, we know that this channel is effective in its ability to pace the delivery of education and reinforce desired behaviors on an ongoing basis,” Voxiva CEO Justin Sims stated, “numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of mobile communications in improving diabetes self-management. We know this works and will make people healthier.”

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