January 8, 2013

Lilly Again Gives $100k Support to Diabetes Scholars


Today Lilly announce a second year in a row of supporting Diabetes Scholars with a generous $100,000 contribution. Diabetes Scholars provides college scholarships and support for families attending Friends for Life. From the Lilly press release, "In 2012, the Lilly Diabetes scholarships went to support 21 students pursuing higher education as well as 10 families who attended the 2012 Friends for Life conference."

You can read the full Lilly press release here

Lilly is not alone is supporting Diabetes Scholars, Sanofi, Novo, One Touch and JDRF are also sponsors. Beyond these organization individuals and families also sponsor academic scholarships. An impressive display of last year's, scholarships, sponsors and kids awarded them is on the Diabetes Scholars site.

The application and competition for the scholarship were rigorous demonstrating that there are a lot of talented young people who are not letting type 1 diabetes stand in the way of pursuing life's dreams.  Look at this list of scholarships, it includes scholarships in business, mental health, arts, healthcare, political science and more. Our son Connor is proud to have earned a Jay Franke preforming arts scholarship from Diabetes Scholars for his first year in Fordham University's Theater program.

It is not just corporations, foundations and prominent individuals that support Diabetes Scholars. We all can. A fun way to help out is the Howl at the Moon event and auction at Friends for Life. Join the fun and come to the event or donate an auction item. Diabetes Dad, Tom Karlya, put on a great show as MC and auctioneer.

Parenting a child with diabetes is all about putting the kid's dreams first and dragging diabetes along for the ride, not putting diabetes first and dragging down a child's dreams and aspirations. Thanks go to Diabetes Scholars and their sponsors for getting that and helping to make it happen.

In the DOC we joke a lot about Prom. Let's make Howl at the Moon DProm. We can help more kids and families each year reach for their dreams in the process.

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