January 30, 2013

The Big Story on Action News

... well at least for us the Big Story on Action News is US! 

Delaney and I were interviewed for this story on AP last summer. (Sorry I couldn't get the embed code to work.)

I almost wish we were not part of the story because it feels self serving to like this so much. It isn't that they talk about AP it is that in doing so they talk about the emotional part of diabetes. Right there in the toss to the heath reporter,  "even for the most disciplined patient diabetes can take physical and emotional toll."

Yay baby! That getting into the news is enough. The rest is just gravy and they did the rest justice too.

So often we in the diabetes community get our collective undies in a bunch over some poorly reported story. Maybe we should rethink that. Maybe we chould go out of our way to connect with the good journalists, who "get it" and pass on an 'attaboy.

Thanks to the Action News Team for getting it right!

Think about it, what motivates you more, recognition for getting doing well or getting smacked in the nose with a rolled up newspaper?

So how about it diabetes community? 

Here is a link the health desk at Philly Action News: HealthCheck or send them a Tweet at https://twitter.com/6abc


  1. Reflecting on this a few days later, after all the crazily weird instances of horrid mistakes on movies, media and TV... this is refreshing to come back to. Way to go in advocating from your end! And thanks for bringing this POSITIVE news coverage that is ACCURATE to all our attention. We. Need. MORE. Of. This. PLEASE.

  2. This was really cool to see, and I thought the whole story was well done.

    Thanks for sharing a slice of real-life with type 1!