April 18, 2013

Arizona Safe at School Legislation Signed

Good news for families of CWDs in Arizona. Safe at school legislation has passed and signed.

From the American Diabetes Association:

ADA Celebrates Another Safe at School Victory with Passage of AZ H.B. 2042 
Diabetes Advocates across Arizona joined in celebration after Governor Jan Brewer signed House Bill 2042, ADA’s Safe at School legislation into law last week. 
This bill will make a huge difference in children’s lives. HB 2042 allows school staff members to volunteer to be trained to give insulin; amends existing statute to add nurses to the list of health providers who can train school personnel to administer glucagon; and allows children who are mature enough to self-manage their diabetes to do so at school and school sponsored activities. These commonsense changes in state law will make school safer – and the future brighter – for kids with diabetes. 
The Association extends special thanks to our dedicated sponsor, Representative Heather Carter, who has been a tireless champion for HB 2042 and to Governor Jan Brewer for signing HB 2042 into law.  The Association also thanks all the legislators who voted for HB 2042—the bill received only three “no” votes during the entire legislative process.  

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