April 20, 2013

I Pledge to respect & support diabetics of every type.

Scott Strange offers a pledge and petition I am happy to join.

The diabetes community can not be significant in the eyes of others is we divide our own community and in doing so conquer ourselves.

Diabetics & Caregivers Worldwide: Pledge to respect & support diabetics of every type

To have empathy, no matter the type.
To advocate for those with this condition, whatever the type. To pledge to educate about diabetes, regardless of the type.
To correct misinformation and stereotypes that are so common in society and the media.
To recognize the hurt that misinformation and stereotypes cause people everyday. Hurt that is both emotional and physical.
People, who for what ever reason are affected by these stereotypes on a daily basis. People who just happen to live next door, who just happen to come to your family picnics, who happen to be among those you care for. People you've never met, people with families and loved ones.
People who happen to have diabetes.
We're people.
People just like you.
No matter the type.

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