August 12, 2007

So you forgot a bolus...

... been there, forgot that.

Congratulations! Your diabetes has moved to second place or even lower in your life. I think forgetting a bolus or blood check or some other D thing is a healthy sign every now and again. It means diabetes is not the single most important thing in your life. Than means you may actually have a life! As long as it is an occasional laps I say it is great.

Don't kick yourself. A few hours out of range is nothing in your next A1C compared to beating yourself up. Getting down on yourself, now that has long term implications.

Maybe you forgot because the toddler was acting up. I gotta wonder if the toddler isn't saying, "Hey I need some attention here too!" Not that they know they are saying it.

One of diabetes insidious little things it sucks up so much attention we can forget to spread time around with the other kids. Diabetes is a bastard like that.