July 24, 2008

Live-ish from FFL

Kerri thinks I am terrifying. It may be a compliment but it doesn't sound that way. That is OK she reminds me of my sisters when they were her age. That may be a compliment but it will not sound that way in a second. I was the kid brother. I have 4 older sisters. My mom says I had 5 moms and she didn't bother disciplining me because the other 4 did.

Kerri you don't know terror.

I am wearing a ping and a Cosmo named Wanda for all of you with kids who watch Nickelodeon.

I will try to collect my thoughts on the pumps and post them when we get back to the land of the working people. We're going to Disney next week and well blog posting will not be as important as being Goofy. Yeah I know how can y'all tell the difference between being Goofy and my blogging.....

More later.