September 4, 2009

CGM Training Star and Start

Ashley, the Dexcom nurse trainer, emailed and asked about our first night with CGM. How is that for customer service?

This is my reply to her. As you will see I was real happy with the way she managed training.


The Dexcoms are awsome!

Both kids were very into seeing numbers come up at the end of the startup period. By the end of four hour both had used trend information in consideration of their current BG state and chosen to confirm that with finger sticks.

Delaney and I had a conversation on the value of pre-bolusing based on the shape of a curve that resulted from her night time snack. We also talked about not chasing the curve and stacking insulin. Instead we looked at IOB and watched the insulin kick in in real time.

Connor had a hard workout at the gym and went a little low. It proved to be one of those stuborn ones. While Bg did come up a little faster on fingersticks he was keeping an eye on his prigress or more like his lack of progress with the Dexcom.

I was particularly happy with your training process. You were well organized and clear in your presentation. I felt you were particularly focused on the kids who would be wearing the units and seemed to pace your presentation of information on the rate that worked for them.

I am confident that Delaney was fully engaged but not overwhelmed. I think that she at twelve had the least apprehension of the insertion of anyone in the room. I think that is in part due to the practice on the box process you took her through. To a larger extent I think she was confident in herself because your actions showed her you were confident in her.

Thanks Again


Full disclosure: I own shares in Dexcom. I expect will be writing a lot about our experiances with these things. I may need to come up with a disclosure in the side bar so a) I stay honest about it and b) I can stop tacking it on to posts and subjecting all of you to my crappy spelling any more than is nessisary.