February 16, 2012

From the News Wire: iPhone App Connects to Glucose Meters

Telcare’s New iPhone App Connects to Glucose Meters Even Oceans Apart:Telcare, the maker of the Telcare BGM cellular enabled blood glucose meter, has released an iPhone app that can gather data from the meter even if they’re physically apart. 
This not only allows you to watch your own glucose, but a parent of a diabetic child can make sure the kid takes regular readings and almost immediately know what the output is.


  1. Some very worthwhile posts today...

  2. And you don't have to actually use their meter to create an account and use the free iPhone app. A child or caregiver can manually enter a BG reading into the app and it will sync.

  3. Now only if they can put this app on the windows phone.

  4. I'm wondering if this works with the iTouch and the Omnipod system given that the bg device is part of the Omnipod.