February 21, 2012

theBetes:NOW Back from a crash

theBetes:NOW is a project directed by my daughter Kelley and often featuring Connor with some producing by YDMV. The goal has been a more visual less text based and quick media around diabetes. One key part of the process was to be joyful.

If you have been to a CWD event like Friends For Life you know that teens living with diabetes are kids. First and foremost they are optimistic, happy, joyful people and diabetes is coming along for the ride.

Sadly theBetes:NOW was hacked and had to be taken down last summer but it is back. The catalogue of films is being reposted and new material is going up. In fact a new piece made at the JDRF Research Summit with AYUDA Inc. just went up. In line with the message that Andreas offered about a big world and a small community while this message is not in english I would love your thoughts on if the message of happy, optimistic joy rings true.

Juntos somos más Fuertes! / Together we are stronger!


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  1. I LOVE that the Betes Now is back!!!! I love the joy message! Are you bringing the Betes to CWD Conshohocken>>>