February 28, 2012

#TwoBits on Green and Orange at CWD Conshy

Children with Diabetes held a tech conference in Philly, will Conshy (Conshohocken) PA over the weekend. A very good friend asked why I go to these. Simple because when it is all said and done I need to recharge the batteries to have the energy to do the right stuff as opposed to the easy stuff. Diabetes Burn out takes different forms with parents, doing to little or even worse doing to much and making diabetes the focus of life.

So for me the focusing on diabetes for a day helps me focus on not over focusing on diabetes the rest of the time.

Here two other great views of the event form around the DOC. Kerri talks about some of the frustrations and diabetes burn out stuff and definitively defines CGM'er and Art Panc.

I finally got to briefly meet another DOC dad, Scott Benner, (Like the DOC needs another Scott, someone needs to do a study of the name Scott and the correlation to T1D.) He is someone I have admired from a far (and someone I swiped a this image from, Thanks Scott). We're both orange but I would say we bleed green.

Love to know who else is orange or green.


  1. Bennet,

    It was nice to have met you last weekend at the CWD, FOT conference. Thank you for sharing your blog with me. It wasn't until later that when I was sitting with Kerri that she shared with me your involvement with helping the "Counter Boy" from her Employee of the Month blog post. She let me know that you raised awareness of his good deed in helping out and he was justly rewarded with an extra week of vacation. Job well done!

    Keep up the good work and I am Orange who is father of a son who is Green.


  2. I am always happy to help out recognizing outstanding service.That is what communities are about.

    Great to meet you too. One of the joys of events like CWD's is meeting folks face to face.

  3. There can never be enough Scott's in the D-OC!

  4. I've noticed that too. Lots of Scotts here.

    Oh, and I moved out of southeast PA in 2004. All this talk about Conshohocken makes me nostalgic.

  5. I don't know Scott. Conshohocken seem synonymous with traffic to me.

    Also we should do a DOC Scot olly olly ox all in free and count y'all up.

  6. Bennet, Thank you so much for your kind words... It was fantastic to see you as well!

    (who else) Scott

  7. I think it is Scott for boys and Sara(h) for girls.

    Once again (genetics, family history, now naming) it's my parents' fault I have diabetes!!