January 4, 2013

Primary Care and Preventing T2D

A lot of folks, particularly but not exclusively the T1D crowd, talk a lot about endocrinologist as the lead for diabetes care. Sadly there are not a lot of Endos and CDE are in short supply too. So what is a country to do with an exploding diabetes epidemic to do.

Maybe primary care?

A recent HealthDay.com speaks of the success of Primary Care  in treating diabetes. Even more encouraging is another pierce in InternalMedicineNews.com titled, "Primary care-based diabetes prevention programs reduce BMI." That article makes the case for Primary Care driven programs to develop healthier lifestyles.

I suggest that the DOC can help shift the conversation about heath care needs to shift away from hyper confrontational political scare tactics of death panels to a more constructive conversation. Like: How to work with your primary care team to start managing type 2.

The simple fact is that there are not enough CDEs. I do not understand the process of certification. To me it looks like a process designed to make it harder to become a CDE, not help address the shortage of educators. So many people will need to work with primary care. Lets help make those patient / caregiver conversations successful.