July 25, 2009

D Summit - The Untold & Untrue Story

I can't yet find intelligent words to write about the D Summit event. I do have some fictitious ones that are simply for fun. And well aren't a lot more surreal than the real events.


Thomas, ChrisThomas – The D Summit Invitation

Scene I opens and we see a bottle of Dom Perignon 1993 and hear a woman’s playful giggles just as the cork pops. “Oh Chris” she whispers.

“Oh Chris?” It is another voice, another female voice but tinny as if transmitted over two test strip cans with a long string between them. The voice is coming from a small digital camera embedded in a gold Rolex. A face appears on the camera screen. “Oh Chris? Hope you are not busy. "M" needs to see you right away.”

“Right now Money Penny?” Chris asks, “Mom just stepped away and well… “

“Straight away Chris.”

“Right then,” Chris straps on the Rolex, “Shant be but a moment Dear. Hold that thought, duty calls, I’ll be right back.”

He steps out of the mountain cabin and starts skiing down the slopes. His “date” Twitters, “He is in route. #dblogsummit

Buxom ski patrol babes approach and as they get nearer Chris notices the skimpy Baywatch bathing suits bear the Logo of a certain fortune 100 company. He ducks quickly and narrowly avoids flying lancing devices.

[Insert high quality yet typical skiing chase scene here.]

Key points:
* Chris jumps off a cliff
* Looses the ski patrol babes as he flips over a shuttle bus
* Quips with guests as he slips on his gray smoking jacket coat and walks into a Casino.
* Mingles with the crowd watching sports TV in the bar and slips back stage with the bartender.

The Barkeep sets down his Bass Ale apron and without it we see it is one of the Scotts, “Good you could make it Chris hope you were not UP to any trouble.”

“Nothing I couldn’t handle.”

“Right then. “M” has a need for your special talents. You will be working in America. Typically you work with Felix, but they have assigned another field agent, cover is as a local blogger. You may need to work closely and under cover. The agent’s code name is Calpumper.”

“No problem sir. We have met on another case.”

“Fine then down to the Summit briefing.”

Next Scene “M”

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  1. OMG.
    I knew you were funny. I mean, I Knew.

    LMAO! OMG!

    You should write a screenplay. Like. Now. ha ha ha! (((hugs))) to you Bennet. You ROCK!