July 27, 2009


I have been trying for days to finish this sentence: The diabetes blogger summit, hosted by Roche, in Indianapolis was ____.

So after a few days of coming up blank for the blank, I am filling the blank with the word joyous.

The diabetes blogger summit, hosted by Roche, in Indianapolis was joyous.

Diabetes, Joyous. That seems like a dichotomy.

Everybody who knows it, hates diabetes. Chief among the many thinks that makes it bad is its ability to make those who live with it feel alone. We are isolated by being the one who gets it in a sea of humanity who don’t.

Some of us are lucky to find little points of light in that isolation, some stars. We are able to reach out over the internet and connect with the page, blog or wall of someone else. That virtual connection is a blessing. A life line when you face the unfortunate consequences of dealing with people who don’t get it.

In our case it was a school, others it was maybe an insurer, a doctor, a limo driver or a family member. They don’t get our lives with the Betes and so they can’t comprehend us. As that gap widens it isolates us all them more.

This event was the people who get it.

I learned that my darkest dark was a stroll in the park compared to paths some have walked. That was a joy, not in the sense of relief that I didn’t go there too but that we were sufficiently trustworthy to be told those stories.

There are more levels to this experience but joyous is a good umbrella to cover them all.

Our challenge is the vast sea, not of people who don’t get it but those who do who haven’t found their joyousness.