July 13, 2009

Jazz is All That

We are big fans of WaveSense meters. Their new Jazz another hit with the YDMV family. Connor switched over and now both kids are now using them. Mrs. YDMV was talking them up to everyone she met at FFL if not actually draging them over to the WaveSense booth. You know who y'all are. You can thank her next year.

We like that the Jazz uses the same small sample size as a Presto, about half what the one touches needed. Same fast read. No err 5. The Jazz has the same big numbers for my crappy eyes at 2:36 am checks that I liked in the Presto. Yet it's a little smaller and looks a little sportier (or at least not as boxy.) Still no coding. New meal time marking and other stuff I haven't features I figured out yet including a smiley face.

Good. Good. Good. Iffy on the :)

WaveSense meters make accuracy claims I can not confirm or deny. It isn't that I am trying to go all Dick Cheney. It is that I know Bruce Buckingham and I am no Bruce Buckingham. My claim understanding the science of accuracy and 69 cents will get you a small coffee at McDonald's. Ya can't prove science by me other than the WaveSense metres work great for us.

The Jazz comes in a bunch of colors and so do the cases. Colors count in a family with two T1s - everyone knows who's goes with who. Pearl is the new Black as far as Delaney is concerned.

Avid YDMV readers (OK I know there are none but humor me here,) know I dinged WaveSense about the light turning off just about the time I need to read it in the post titled Prestodigitation.

Well they fixed it in the Jazz. The back light stays on no problem. Kerri busted me by claiming I would now complain about battery life, so Kerri, I here by do solemnly swear, I will not bitch about battery life from longer lasting back lights.

Not only that - I think it needs a cool blue glowing flip flop logo like the necklaces they gave out in prior years. We still have some of those on Delaney's dresser and they are still Way Cool. I like the beach vibe. So it is no surprise I liked the Hawaiian shirts of previous years better than this year's theBetes.net green polos. (theBetes appreciated the look, I asked him.)

I had high hopes for Bluetooth in addition to blue flip flops. While it (Bluetooth not blue flip flops)is clear of the FDA they aren't yet in the Jazz (Bothe Bluetooth and Blue Flip Flops) - Yet. Bummer. Collecting and downloading meters is a pain and I don't bother doing it.

In all fairness I need to point out that Connor won an iPod Shuffle from these dudes (I use dudes here in a no gender specific context, however if that is a problem for some readers please feel free to substitute "dudes and babes" to be more politically incorrect) three FFLs ago before they had a meter on the market. It is buried in some drawer and didn't influence Delaney's choice a year and a half later to use their meters.

The customer service around Pink may have had some influence but you will need to read the comments on the posts to see it. I am sure nobody reads the commentes here so I think I can get away without disclosing that WaveSense has great service that influences our feelings about their meters.

Neither Dick Cheney or I can not confirm or deny the influence of the still Way Cool glowing flip flop necklaces on the dresser on any meter choices.

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